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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Lori Ann


#1 ~ Beautiful 1800's childs' dress. 
21" long , 10" shoulder. Beautiful tobacco colored cotton with contrasting black flowered trim and piping. Pleated trim also at neck and sleeve edges (A tiny remnant of blue threads, may have held the pleats together while the dress was being made and not all removed). This dress is beautifully made and looks to be worn very little all original glass buttons down the back.
Small stain on right upper front collar . . .  for it's age amazing condition!

#2 ~ Child's Velvet Hat & Muff
A very sweet hat of velvet and fur with pom pons at ears. (ties missing).
Otherwise the hat is in lovely condition.
The muff has a zipper pouch on one side. The lining has come loose around one end
of the muff.

#3 ~ A Boys Early Vest & Favorite Kitty
A very sweet little boys woolen vest that buttons up the back. Front of vest is wool, back polished cotton, about 13.5" long.  Kitty is by Arnold Printworks ( Late 1800's)  6.5"
Set $68.00

#4 ~ Little Jack Horner 
7.5" across  A very sweet transferware  child's alphabet plate.
C 1880 . .  marked England  3 tiny and 1 larger edge chips but so very sweet.
Ship $6.00

#5 ~ The Tortise and the Hat  ;-)
A sweet little Steiff turtle (about 7" long) that is missing his shell.  (most likely from the 50's)
But what a little smile he has!
A little vintage flat style velvet bowler hat is just sweet. (9")

#6 ~ Little tin Matchsafe
pale mustard painted tin with pressed tin front that says "Matches".
About 6.5" high.

#7 ~ Leather Mittens & Binoculars
A little odd couple . . .  sweet soft leather mittens ~ it looks like one thumb was 
sucked on a lot! One snap on back pulled out ...but sweet for display. About 5".
Antique Binoculars have a great look for display!
5.5" high

#8 ~ Brown Dotty Dress
16" Long 9" waist
Please note the back side with the buttons is how I have always displayed this as the front is more faded and has a tear at upper chest.  But it is just the sweetest early print with contrasting edging at bottom and on sleeves. Glass buttons with red edging.  
Definitely not perfect condition . .  but just so sweet and displays well (back side out ;-)

#9 ~ Baby dress with tiny Brown Print
34" long with 9" shoulder.
A simple yet sweet baby dress. cotton with a very tiny chocolate brown print.
The bodice has tiny tucks front and back. Tiny glass buttons. 
1800's ~ good condition.

#10 ~ "Who Killed Cock Robin" antique child's hankie.
This rare hankie has amazing graphics and wording from the story all round.  
A few stains as you can see, doesn't detract, this would look great framed!
Funny . . .  those used to be my initials you see embroidered on it!
11.5" square

#11 ~ One Eyed Teddy
A tiny ~ 3" Japan made black teddy.  He's wire jointed but missing one eye.
Needs either a replacement or an eye patch!
Sitting on a tiny transerware saucer.
Can't sees very well . . . but has a sweet personality!

#12 ~ A Collar Box and Collars
A lovely collar box with leather strap (still buckles). The box says "Collars" on the top.
A bit of a dent on one side of the top but doesn't detract.  In the box ~ 2 Gentleman's collars, size 15, and 3 lovely ladies eyelet collars , size 13.
Collars all in good condition!

#13 ~ A most lovely tiny baby or large doll dress.
This is an early one!!  Fully hand stitched in a very sweet yellow dotted cotton.
 A bit more faded on the front than the back, but still an exceptional dress.
18" shoulder to hem x 6" waist (which makes me think large doll!)
(Hanger not included)

#14 ~ My Name is Ted
A very sweet 15" teddy . . .  created by the Petz company of Germany.
Circa 1915-1920.  Replaced paw pads and nose, tho this is how I found him.
Stick pin eyes which most likely are not original . . . I think he may have had colored eyes.
He is wearing a hard to find Steiff sweater and is very proud.
You can feel that he used to have a squeaker in his chest, but that no longer works.
Such a sweet  little fellow with a face to melt your heart!

#15 ~ A Quilt that is Crazy
A lovely summer weight crazy quilt, aprox. 72" x 72".
The colors are nice and vibrant, a lovely shade of red border.  
Overall wonderful condition tho some wear to a few pieces of the fabric. 
Mostly cotton and wool gaberdine with a few bits of velvet and satin as well.
The back is whole cloth in a lovely red print!
ship $14.00

#16 ~ Polly Put the Kettle On slippers & 3 nice gauze flags
6.25" long of wool felt . . . just the sweetest with the Polly poem all around the tops!
3 very nice 48 star 9" x 6" gauze flags.

#17 ~ Circa 1890's ~ Palmer Cox Brownie Dolls
Set of 2, The Canadian on left, The Chinaman on right.
6" tall, just the sweetest.
These were sold on cotton panels to stitch at home.
Pair $55.00

#18 ~ Wee Blue Shoes
Very sweet little blue cloth and leather baby shoes. Soft soled with laces.
About 4" long. 
Paired with "Molly and Dolly at the Seashore" book.
The cover of the book is sweet for display, tho the inside is rough.

#19 ~ Child's Purple Velvet Coat
The velvet on this coat has that perfect early patina . . . worn in the right spots yet in very nice condition. A bit of flaring in the back . .  and judging by the quilted lining it was a warm winter frock!
Replaced buttons.  21" long 12" shoulder.
ship $12.00

#20 ~ I've got the Blues
Pretty pieces of blue antique fabrics.
Bottom ~ homespun check ~ 25" x 30"
Middle ~ Soft washed blue plaid ~ 18" x 28"
Top ~ 2 smaller pieces of tiny blue check ~ 12.5" x 23" each
Very nice!

#21 ~ The Naive Rabbit and a Shoofly
A schoolchild's blue watercolor rabbit, painted on an old domino box top (maybe 40's or 50's)
(bought in Adamstown, PA many years ago 'cause I liked the rabbit)
Artisan made Make-Do shoofly . . . trimmed in antique calico with a brass knob. About 4.5" across.
Both: $22.00
ship $6.00

#22 ~ Small Architectural Star & 2 Gauze Flags
2 ~ 48 star gauze flags, 6" x 9" & 3.5" x 5.5"
Metal or iron star has a threaded post on the back.
A lovely small size at 4.5" across

#23 ~ Large gauze flags
You rarely see them this big!
2 are on sticks, one not.
13.5 x 24 (stick)
10.5 x 17 (stick)
13.5 x 24 (no stick)
All: $20.00
ship $10.00

#24 ~ Blue Woolen "Darned" Dress
22" long, 10" shoulder.
A very sweet early dress of woolen challis . . . someone has darned many holes in many places
of this sweet dress.  The velvet collar and pocket edge are in good condition.
Overall it displays sweetly, but is in a bit of rough condition.

#25 ~ 2 Lovely Dresses ~ One Price
Dress #1 ~ 40" long with beautiful eyelet at bottom, sleeve and waist.
Teeny string ties for adjusting . . . pristine condition! 48 star Flag included.
Dress #2 ~ A very tiny windowpane cotton. Teeny ties for adjusting in the back, the front falls loosely. Fine lace at the neckline. 30" long, 13" from sleeve edge to sleeve edge.
Very nice condition.
(hangers not included)
Both $45.00
ship $10.00

#26 ~ An Odd Grouping
2 antique cotton 48 star flags . . . aged to a lovely patina, no poles. 22" x 14" & 17" x 11"
Armand Marseilles Doll shoulder head 5.5" high, no eyes, #370 on back. ~ Nice condition.
Antique photo of a child in striped dress.
ship $8.00

#27 ~  Books in Blue
2 children's one just blue!
Children's books have scribbles etc, Beppo has ink stains, but the cover has such a great graphic!
All 3 ~ $8.00
#28 ~ TWO Sailors
 Shirt #1 ~ Ladies Soft Blue Sailor Shirt
A very pretty soft blue, a little fading but still nice.
24" long x 18" shoulder
Shirt #2 ~ Blue Chambray Ladies Sailor Shirt
This is a beautiful shirt.   20" L x 14.5 across shoulder.
Very nice condition.
Both $30.00
ship $8.00

#29 ~ A Sailor Valentine ~ Artisan Made ~ Not Antique
This is a lovely Sailor Valentine created by Leslie McCabe of antique velvet and trims.
Created in the tradition of early sailor valentines with words written in pins and beads held on with the same. A punch needle flag completes the lovely look. Stuffed with sand, it's quite heavy. 

Have a lovely evening!
Lori Ann

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